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The construction of the TITICI frame is the result of a long process that implies different operations: the design of the single tube and the construction of molds in ergal, the choice of the type of carbon layers for the tube molding, the phase of gluein

The Plate Absorbing

PAT technology evolves and replaces the concept of "horizontal tube".
With greater vertical give than a traditional tube, it allows an incredible absorption of uneven ground, to offer the rider comfort and unprecedented safety. PAT is able to offer this huge advantage without losing responsiveness and productivity, thanks to high levels of lateral and torsional rigidity of the frame.

The progressive
wrapping method

The most well-known are monocoque frames which are the result of an industrial process based on standard moulds and fast resins, on which it is not possible to intervene at the level of frame geometries. Our method of progressive wrapping instead allows us to offer the custom frame for every body type and for each cyclist’s specific need.
Is a considerably more complex system, requiring more time and solid technical and manual skills in correcting angles and the lengths of individual tubes, to create a unique piece that is always exciting in the saddle.

Tap Connection

The technology that uses radio frequencies to allow the bicycle to communicate with modern computer systems and access a range of innovative digital services dedicated to the cyclist.

A deeper look on TiTICi
innovative technologies

Progressive Bandage Workmanship
The exclusive progressive wrapping method allows the creation of a custom frame for every body type and for each cyclist’s specific need.
Made 2 Race
Geometry designed for racing. Because it is not only materials and components that give the right feeling for cycling. More than anything it’s the correct frame geometry.
Real Custom Fit
The design and subsequent creation of the frame comes alive from the cyclist’s complete anthropometric data. This construction with extreme attention tom detail, allows bringing significant advantages in terms of comfort and performance not accessible by frames with standard sizes.
Hidden Closure System
Retractable seat adjustment system, a technology that provides greater functional efficiency and better aesthetic results in combination with the PAT technology.
No Ball Bearings
Frame design houses special self-lubricating bushings instead of traditional ball bearings. These bushings, made with special polymers, are not afraid of water and mud and allow replacement of traditional ball bearings with added benefits like: weight reduction, increased durability, easy maintenance, elimination of lubrication and smooth cushioning.