The special plate construction


the only solution allowing a really powerful and safe disc braking.

Each TITICI frame is
handmade step by step

To produce ever better performing and exclusive frames we decided to make each piece with the wrapping technique.
Each item is created internally by itself and is then put together with other elements through a series of progressive wrapping steps with slow resins that enter deep into the fibres.
A meticulous process that allows each customer to have a bike that’s made to measure for your body and your cycling style, with the highest standard of stiffness, responsiveness and durability.

Because people are not all the same. Neither are our bikes.
1 structural bandage to give strength to the frame
2 torsional bandage to give torsional rigidity to the frame
3 aesthetic bandage to finish the frame in an optimal manner.

Human-scale technology

It’s not the road getting easier. It’s your riding getting better.
With Flexy you can combine maximum performance with the comfort and ride you've never had before.
Born from the experience and needs of some of the best professional athletes, Flexy is now available to anyone who wants a bike made to fit their body and cycling style.

Plate Absorber Technology
Horizontal tube manufacturing technology, an exclusive patent that allows huge benefits in terms of cycling comfort and safety, while still maintaining great responsiveness and incredible performance.
Tap Connection Technology
The technology that uses radio frequencies to allow the bicycle to communicate with modern computer systems and access a range of innovative digital services dedicated to the cyclist.
Progressive Bandage Workmanship
The exclusive progressive wrapping method allows the creation of a custom frame for every body type and for each cyclist’s specific need.
Made 2 Race
Geometry designed for racing. Because it is not only materials and components that give the right feeling for cycling. More than anything it’s the correct frame geometry.
Real Custom Fit
The design and subsequent creation of the frame is brought to life from the cyclist’s complete anthropometric data. This construction, with extreme attention to detail, allows significant advantages in terms of comfort and performance not accessible by frames in standard sizes.
No Ball Bearings
Frame design that houses special self-lubricating bushings instead of traditional ball bearings. These bushings, made with special polymers, are not affected by water and mud and allow replacement of traditional ball bearings with added benefits such as: weight reduction, increased durability, easy maintenance, elimination of lubrication and smooth cushioning.

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