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A new interpretation of the pedalec bicycle

With the new ENERGY collection, TITICI enters the “electric” world, proposing a new concept of pedalec bicycle. As a matter of fact, thanks to its close cooperation with the Italian companies Polini, supplier of motors, and Dedacciai, supplier of aluminum tubes, the new ENERGY project of TITICI has been developed entirely in Italy, starting from the binomial “frame-motor “: the heart of the whole bicycle. Every bicycle in the new ENERGY collection is equipped with the new Polini E-P3 engine, powerful, silent and with a intelligent power management. The biker can activate 5 levels of assistance, from the first one, which is suitable for long distances and does not consume the battery capacity in a short time, up to the turbo mode, which is ideal to get maximum power in the most challenging tracks. The ENERGY range consists of two frames:  the E-FR01, a MTB for mainly off-road use and the E-FD01, whose versatile geometry allows to set up the bicycle for gravel / off-road, urban or road tracks.



Establish in 1992 with the will of creating a new standard in the high performance cycling tubesets engeneering and manufacturing, Dedacciai Technology has accompany cycling success of Indurain, Pantani, Cipollini, Petacchi, Rijs, increasing the use of metallic alloy, from tempered steel to aluminum alloy, from magnesium alloy, to titanium till recent carbon composite material

The result of twenty years of collaboration with frame builders and stated and innovative bicycle producers, as well as the most prestigious cycling team, is expressed in the Dedacciai catalogue. It offers a great range of products able to synthetize the biggest technology exigencies of frame builders and users builders made with our components. 

The frames of the ENERGY line are made with Dedacciai aluminum, 7005 Aegis series, customized for TITICI and entirely produced in Italy. A dedicated geometry for each frame, enables to place the battery / motor system in the best way so to ensure an elegant aesthetic line as well as a perfect driving balance.