Flexy F-RT01

Code: F-RT01
price starting from € 3.990 (frame kit)
The frame colour scheme shown here represents just one of the possible combinations. Frame colours, measurements and geometries may be customised in response to the customer’s requests
The F-RT01 is a carbon frame for fixed-gear bicycles that challenges the traditional aluminium and steel frames and beats them on their own turf: track and criterium racing. The F-RT01 is faster, more responsive and manoeuvrable in curves than frames made of other materials, but it is also flexible and has a feeling of instant response thanks to its customised, hand-crafted construction. What makes the difference is P.A.T., the technology used in Flexy models to absorb up to 18% more vibrations without affecting overall rigidity. Frame F-RT01 is supplied complete with TITICI RT  fork
Materiale: Blend of high module carbon fibres
Metodo di costruzione: PBW (Progressive Bandage Workmanship)
Perno passante: 12 x 142 mm
Movimento centrale: Press Fit 92