Stan Koolen – SNOBICI

32 years - Photographer and father
The Netherlands 
My name is Stan and I run SNOBICI, a IG platform covering forthcoming trends in cycling, aiming to bring people the best of everything apparel related. With SNOBICI I try to maintain a certain style, this can be seen in photography, style, layout and the selection of products. SNOBICI is run by me, out of a passion for cycling, fashion and photography. It gives me the opportunity to connect and network with likeminded individuals and brands that share the same passion. 
Why did you choose Titici
The first thing you notice is Tititci’s top tube, it is different than the rest. And I always feel comfortable in the role being different. The strong lines and simplicity of this bike, especially when there are no cables exposed, is incredibly appealing to me. The cool thing with Titici is that you can configure the bike like no other, you can choose the way it’s built, your own colours and components, and it’s unique in many ways. And that’s exactly what I like, being a head of the game when it comes to cycling and style, Titici fits right in.