The brand from Asola will present our new frames. They’re even lighter, even more aerodynamic and all custom made by hand in Italy. In Rimini, 13-15 September, you can discover our range of road, off-road and electric bikes.
Innovation, performance and Italian style: TITICI is preparing for our starring role at Italian Bike Festival, an incredible event scheduled to take place in Rimini from 13 to 15 September. This high-end brand of performance bikes will be giving the Italian public a preview of the models in our new collections for Road, MTB, Track and Gravel, as well as the new e-bike range, Energy.
Frames custom made by hand in Mantua
The new models are the result of meticulous research and testing, involving champions such as Paolo Bettini. This has lead to reductions in weight and exceptional results in terms of aerodynamics. It’s all very much in the spirit of the TITICI brand which has been producing custom frames since 1961, made by hand and to measure in the laboratory in Asola, Mantua Province. TITICI bikes are tailored creations, customisable not only in size and geometries but also in colours and graphics. This allows every cyclist to express their own personality as they mount their bike.
Eight millimetres of nothing but innovation and performance
Italian Bike Festival is the chance for attendees to discover the patented PAT (Plate Absorber Technology), a key feature in the high-performance models. The special system for constructing these bikes allows the top tube to taper down to a fine sheet of carbon. A mere 8 mm thick, it is the thinnest top tube in the world. And the benefits are huge. TITICI frames are able to absorb up to 18% more vibration when compared with traditional frames. This entails exceptional riding comfort and a feeling of responsiveness in the saddle, but it also reduces discomfort and pain in the arms and neck, especially on uneven terrain. The flexibility does not, however, compromise torsional stiffness. That equates to excellent race performance, which is TITICI’s heart and soul.