UYN Biking Airwing TITICI Shirt


Titici presents the UYN Airwing shirt: it represents the peak of lightness and aerodynamics.


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The UYN Airwing shirt represents the peak of lightness and aerodynamics. By studying the interaction between airflow and the rider’s body, we have re-designed the shoulder area integrating our famous Hypermotion2 system with the new Haloflex technology. This area is made from a single piece of fabric and it is structured with three-dimensional dimples that increase the aerodynamic coefficient, improve elasticity and promote air circulation between the fabric and the skin. The back is also the result of a long development process that has led us to introduce a micro-perforated fabric panel for breathability and to revolutionize the pocket area for greater stability and ergonomics. The lightness, the aerodynamic, not compressive fit and the maniacal attention to every detail make the Airwing shirt the perfect ally for great performance at high temperatures.

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