Raw power with complete control

Everso is empowered by the Shimano EP8 motor, the latest evolution in e-bike systems. Don’t let size or looks deceive you: EP8 is slimmer, more compact and lighter than all previous drive units, but also the most powerful in its category.

With 85 Nm increased maximum torque, you can take on the steepest climbs and toughest trails in full confidence. Thanks to smart heat-conducting magnesium materials, EP8 con handle rising temperatures on climbs, meaning you get maximum torque for longer. You’ll be surprised by the smooth and natural ride feeling and you’ll want to go further and further. You can do it! The 630 Wh battery integrated in the down tube gives you an exceptional 277 km range.


Drive unit: Shimano EP8
Maximum torque 85 Nm
2.6 kg total weight (300 grams less than predecessor drive units)
10% reduced volume
Battery:630 Wh battery integrated in the down tube
Three levels of assistance Eco, Trail, Boost, customizable with E-Tube Project apps
Walk assist
Range figures: 277 km Eco, 136 km Trail, 102 km Boost
Charging time: full 6h, quick 50% 2.5h