Privacy regulations, which we are committed to respecting, require us to give you information on the processing of the data collected on this site.

Trerè Innovation S.r.l. Unipersonale, the owner of this Website, aims to fulfil this obligation in the simplest and clearest way possible as outlined in the following Data Processing Summary Table, which allows you to easily find the essential information on who we are, what data we process, why, how, and for how long.

We have nevertheless provided you below with a more detailed text, divided into sections, giving a complete outline of the information we are required and committed to supplying. Users can also find definitions of the terms and expressions used in the Glossary published on the Italian Data Protection Authority website in Italy or, in English, in the Glossary published on the European Data Protection Supervisor Authority website.

Under the terms of privacy regulations, the browser is considered to be the party concerned and has certain rights and obligations that are outlined below, including the right to access the data applicable to him/her, the right to request correction of the data and/or its cancellation, the right to request a limitation of the processing or to oppose the processing altogether, the right to request portability of the data, and the right to file a complaint with a Supervisory Authority.


Who are we?

The Data Controller is

  • Trerè Innovation S.r.l. Unipersonale, Via Modena, n. 18, 46041 Asola (MN), Italy

What data do we process?

Browsing Data, Cookies, Identifying, Personal and Special Data.

Why do we process data?

To allow Users to:

  1. browse the Website;
  2. register, access reserved areas of the Website and make purchases correctly;
  3. keep up-to-date with news and products, in accordance with any expressed preferences;
  4. receive information on products, services and initiatives applicable to the preferences and habits expressed by users;
  5. receive responses to requests sent through the Contact Form;
  6. fulfil legal obligations or comply with requirements from the Authorities.

What is the processing based on?
(Legal basis)

  • Legitimate interest (for Browsing Data and Cookies);
  • Fulfilling contractual obligations (for Identifying, Personal and Special data);
  • Consent from the parties concerned (for certain categories of Personal and Special data);
  • Fulfilment of pre-contractual measures taken at the request of Users (data supplied to allow us to respond to requests sent via the Contact Form).

How do we process the data?

In an exclusively electronic manner.

Who is the data shared with?
(Categories of Recipients)

  1. Suppliers of information technology services needed for the proper operation of the Website;
  2. Suppliers of other services, acting as Data Processors (more specifically, communication and web managing agencies Web Ranking S.r.l.Webgriffe S.r.l.Find srl and TOC Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH) and E-commerce and business communication management and analysis platforms (such as Mailchimp and Magento,). An up-to-date list of Data Processors is in any case available from the registered office of Trerè Innovation S.r.l. Unipersonale;
  3. appointed and/or Authorised entities;
  4. Authorities.

For how long do we hold the data?

We delete:

  • Browsing Data after a maximum of 7 days;
  • Data you supply to us via the Contact Form, no more than 24 months from your request;
  • Data you supply to us for registration, purchase and updating of our commercial offers. at the request of the party concerned.

What obligations does the user have?

  • in order to browse the Website, Browsing Data and the Data found in some Cookies must be supplied;
  • in order to register for the service and purchase our products, the Data requested during registration must be supplied;
  • in order for us to respond to requests sent via the Contact Form, the data requested and any other Data deemed necessary by the Users must be supplied.

What happens if I refuse to supply this Data?

You may not be able to register with the Website and you will not be able to make purchases.

You may not have an ideal browsing experience on the site and we may not be able to respond to any requests you make.

What rights do you have?

Users have the right to:

  1. access their own Data in our possession;
  2. request its correction and/or deletion (“erasure”);
  3. request a Limitation of or object to the Processing;
  4. request portability of the Data;
  5. file a complaint with a Supervisory Authority;
  6. other rights as outlined in Articles 15 – 21 of the GDPR not mentioned above.