Rotterdam, The Netherlands

We are Biehler x Il Magistrale Racing Team, a young, talented, very ambitious and social team of fixed gear riders. We pride ourselves on being real team players, both on and off the bike. Together within the squad but also with our teams partners. The team was established at the end of 2015, with the NL Crit Series as our main proving ground. Over the past 4 years the team has grown and developed to become a major player in the international fixed gear scene. With race wins at the biggest international races and a domination of the NL Crit Series in 2018.

Why did you choose Titici:

Incredible handling and stiffness made our choice for riding Titici pretty easy! Titici made it possible for us to ride our fixed gear dream bike. Together we created the best geometry for each of our riders. We really like the feel of the top tube, it gives us the perfect control in high speed corners on street circuits. This is the perfect bike for us and feels like a tailored suit every time we ride on it!