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Since 1961 TITICI has been synonymous with Italian creativity and avant-garde spirit.
Our philosophy is to listen to the needs of cyclists, from professionals to amateurs, to provide truly innovative solutions and create models that are perfect for their needs.

Everso is our first full suspension e-MTB, the result of a development process that lasted over two years and was carried out entirely in Italy. We wanted to create the most outstanding and fun mountain bike to ride, the most powerful thanks to the innovative Shimano EP8 motor, but also the most stable and reliable one to allow you to enjoy your off-road adventures in full confidence. Together with our engineers we looked far ahead, crossing the boundaries of cycling and drawing inspiration from the automotive sector. Everso has no terms of comparison. It creates new ones.

TITICI-Expandable Core System

Everso’s carbon monocoque frame is made using our TITICI-Expandable Core System: the guarantee of the highest quality. During manufacturing, the carbon layers are wrapped around expanded polystyrene forms with perfectly smooth surfaces.
Unlike the traditional process with inflatable bladders, our TITICI-Expandable Core System prevents air bubbles to cause imperfections and therefore structural weaknesses. Our frame is stiffer, stronger and safer. Simply perfect.


Inspired by off-road motorbikes

The single pivot suspension design with 160 mm travel provides maximum riding fun and control even on demanding descents and extremely bumpy sections. The choice of the single pivot system is closely related to the presence of a motor that delivers the necessary power at all times.
It is no coincidence that this suspension system is often used in the motorcycle sector where it guarantees great performance.
The structure of the Shimano EP8 motor has also allowed us to create very short chainstays that makes Everso brilliant and responsive.


The swingarm rotates around the main pivot, the only fulcrum on which all the forces are concentrated: the impacts from the terrain and the chain drive forces. We at TITICI are the first to use a tapered bearing system derived from the headset structure to make the main pivot even stronger and more efficient.

Compared to the traditional bearings, used in most of the systems currently on the market, our main pivot with tapered bearings ensures a constant axial centering of the swingarm and a considerable reduction of lateral micro-shiftings, therefore a greater fluidity of movement. In addition, maintenance and adjustments are much simpler and easier.


The swingarm is fixed to the shock absorber by means of a connecting rod which allows a very progressive damping.
The connecting rod rotates on two bearings per side, a solution that guarantees greater solidity compared to the traditional system with only one bearing.


Maximum driving stability

Everso is equipped with a tapered headset that is 1,5” on the top and 1,8” on the bottom (instead of the traditional 1 1/8" - 1 1/2").
The increased dimensions offer a greater driving stability, ensure a better connection between the down tube and the head tube and allows for internal cable routing.


Open to the future

The Everso's frame geometries follow the most modern design trends. The very open steering angle (65.5°) allows to safely ride over obstacles.
The 75° seat tube angle improves pedalling dynamics.
he particularly reduced standover height make it easier to use Everso even for riders of shorter stature.


Raw power with complete control

Everso is empowered by the Shimano EP8 motor, the latest evolution in e-bike systems. Don't let size or looks deceive you: EP8 is slimmer, more compact and lighter than all previous drive units, but also the most powerful in its category.

With 85 Nm increased maximum torque, you can take on the steepest climbs and toughest trails in full confidence. Thanks to smart heat-conducting magnesium materials, EP8 con handle rising temperatures on climbs, meaning you get maximum torque for longer. You'll be surprised by the smooth and natural ride feeling and you'll want to go further and further. You can do it! The 630 Wh battery integrated in the down tube gives you an exceptional 277 km range.


Drive unit: Shimano EP8
Maximum torque 85 Nm
2.6 kg total weight (300 grams less than predecessor drive units)
10% reduced volume
Battery:630 Wh battery integrated in the down tube
Three levels of assistance Eco, Trail, Boost, customizable with E-Tube Project apps
Walk assist
Range figures: 277 km Eco, 136 km Trail, 102 km Boost
Charging time: full 6h, quick 50% 2.5h


*components may vary according to the availability of the partner suppliers

FRAMEFull Carbon Monocoque TITICI-Expandable Core SystemFull Carbon Monocoque TITICI-Expandable CoreSystemFull Carbon Monocoque TITICI-Expandable CoreSystem
SIZEXS/S - M - L/XXS/S - M - L/XXS/S - M - L/X
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STEMFSA GRADENT ST alloy 50mm 6° clamp 35mmFSA GRID ST alloy 50mm 6° clamp 35mmFSA GRID ST alloy 50mm 6° clamp 35mm
HANDLEBARGRADIENT HB Carbon black Low rise 20x800mm Ø3GRID HB alloy black Low rise 20x800mm Ø3FSA GRID HB alloy black Low rise 20x800mm Ø3 GRIPS Prologo Mastery Silicon
GRIPSPrologo Mastery SiliconPrologo Mastery SiliconPrologo Mastery Silicon
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BRAKE SYSTEMShimano XT BL-M8100 J-kitShimano XT BL-M8100 J-kitShimano BL-M6120 J-kit (BLACK, Shimano logo)
DISCShimano F-203/810 R-180/8140 Ice Tecnology FreezaShimano F-203/810 R-180/8140 Ice Tecnology FreezaShimano F-203/600 R-180/600
CRANKSETShimano FCEM900Shimano FCEM900Shimano FCEM600
CHAINShimano HG CNM6100 12vShimano HG CNM6100 12vShimano HG CNM6100 12v
CASSETTEShimano CSM6100 12v 10-51TShimano CSM6100 12v 10-51TShimano CSM6100 12v 10-51T
SHOCKRock Shox Deluxe ULT RCT 230X65DB2Rock Shox Deluxe ULT RCT 230X65DB2Rock Shox Deluxe SEL+ RT 230X65DB2
WHEEL SETFulcrum E-METAL 300 29” BOOST AFSFulcrum E-METAL 500 29” BOOST AFSFulcrum E-METAL 700 29” BOOST AFS
TIRESVittoria E-Mazza 29 x 2.4E-Mazza 29 x 2.4Vittoria E-Mazza 29 x 2.4
SEATPOSTFSA Dropper Seat Post FlowtronDropper Seat PostDropper Seat Post
BATTERYShimano BTE8036 630WShimano BTE8036 630wShimano BTE8036 630w
DRIVE UNITShimano EP8Shimano EP8Shimano EP8
DISPLAYShimano SCEM800Shimano SCEM800Shimano SCEM800
CHARGERShimano ECE6002Shimano ECE6002Shimano ECE6002
CHAIN GUIDEShimano SMCDE80Shimano SMCDE80Shimano SMCDE80
WEIGHT22,5 kg23,5 kg24,5 kg
PRICE€ 10.990 (on request)€ 9.490€ 7.990


Size A mm B mm C mm D mm Stack mm Reach mm

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