I think spontaneity is the solid foundation of my work.
The need for an outlet leads me to paint and the need for movement leads me to often work in large dimensions.
My work depicts my emotions and my life.
I often use the paper to symbolize the fragility of man.
I am determined with different types of walls and materials, even old, tired and crumbling.
I draw bicycles and cyclists because they represent life: movement, fatigue, arrival and departure.
I paint landscapes and views that excite me.
I work to evolve and often return to where I began.
I’m precise, sometimes abstract, sometimes naive or nervous.
I use oil pastels, vinyls, acrylics, sprays. I like to mix and improvise.

Born in Milan, 05/08 /1977.
Graduated form The Vienna International School in 1996.
Studied Law at the Milan state University where I dropped out in 2001.
Graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the Istituto di Arti Grafiche Rizzoli Milan in 2003.
Received a fine art scholarship in 2011/2012 at the SMFA – School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston (Ma, USA).
I am based in Milan but I like to travel a lot and to spend some months abroad painting.
I have experienced painting in places like Tel Aviv; Halle (Saale, D), Leipzig; Chemnitz and Berlin; Boston and New York.
I hope there will be still many other places to experience.

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