Premiering at the Italian Bike Festival in Misano Adriatico (Sept. 9-11), the Italian brand’s new e-bike with an innovative Mahle X20 drive unit. Light, compact and streamlined: a gravel bike with extra muscle power!

The new DYNAMICA gravel bike is Titici’s all-new gravel bike with grit infused into its DNA. A substantial amount of engineering research was put into the integration of the frame with the Mahle X20 system, a powerful and innovative drive unit.

DYNAMICA is a bike designed for performance: on the flat, it’s fast and light, even without assistance above 25 km/h; and on climbs or more technical sections, the Mahle X20 motor delivers power smoothly and naturally. Enjoy longer rides, more hours in the saddle, and more fun!

Compact and sleek design: as if there was even a motor.

A key aspect of the DYNAMICA is the evolution of chassis design. TITICI engineers have succeeded in creating streamlined and compact shapes, taking chassis-drive unit integration to an entirely new level.
One example is the small bottom bracket and streamlined, aerodynamic down tube designed to accommodate a 350 Wh battery (the largest offered by Mahle). The motor in the rear hub contributes to a cleaner, more harmonious aesthetic line.

PAT anti-vibration technology.

With its patented PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) design, the DYNAMICA frame is designed to handle rough terrain as well as roads. The flat, slim shape of the top tube provides a vibration-reducing effect (up to 18% more than a standard frame) while maintaining high torsional stiffness. This results in racing performance combined with increased comfort.

Redesigned fork, superior strength.

The head tube with an enlarged 1 1/2-inch cross-section allows full integration of cables for a clean aesthetic, while at the same time providing superior riding stability, especially on technical downhill sections. TITICI engineers redesigned the fork with an accentuated asymmetry to counteract the forces generated by the braking system. A particular angle is designed into the left chainstay for greater resistance at the disc brake caliper.

More stability, and more responsiveness with the new rear carriage.

The rear triangle has also been redesigned to provide an outstanding riding experience on rough terrain. Rather than joining the seat tube, the seat stays continue to engage the top tube. In a strategic area of the frame where forces are concentrated, this design creates a more stable and strong node. The shortened chainstays provide better handling, while the asymmetrical design offers more traction. The frame is designed to accommodate generously sized tires, up to 700c x 44 or 650b x 48, and tackle the most extreme trails with maximum fun.

Mahle X20, the lightest system on the market

X20 is the new drive unit from Germany’s leading automotive and smart mobility company. Weighing only 3.2 kg, X20 is the lightest hub-integrated system on the market. At the same time, power is not to be desired: with a torque of 55 Nm, pedaling is smooth and natural on any terrain. Even when speeds exceed 25 km/h, the Mahle X20 system eliminates the typical resistance felt with less advanced systems.

The 350 Wh battery is housed in the down tube, and a 172 Wh Range Extender can be added (in place of the bottle cage) to achieve a maximum range of 200 km. Smart charging allows you to recharge the battery to 80 percent in less than two hours and get back to blazing on the trails.

Premiering at the Italian Bike Festival Sept. 9-11

The new TITICI DYNAMICA Gravel will be unveiled for the first time at the Italian Bike Festival, Italy’s largest bicycle trade show, scheduled for September 9-11 at the Misano World Circuit in Misano Adriatico (RN).
Available also in Road version, delivery will begin in spring 2023. Order now.

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