Titici presents All-in And: the new gravel frame featuring ultra-resistant anodizing treatment and silver ions.

The Italian brand will unveil at Cyclingworld Düsseldorf (Germany, 18-20 March) the AND version of its ALL-IN aluminium frame, featuring special anodizing treatment: extraordinarily resistant to scratches, abrasion and wear.

Beautiful things last forever. TITICI presents the AND version of its ALL-IN frame, which features an innovative anodizing treatment with silver ions. Thanks to this patented technology, the frame becomes extraordinarily resistant to scratches and abrasion, guaranteeing almost total resistance to oxidation even in a marine environment.

The ALL-IN frame is the result of an exclusive collaboration with the Italian company DEDACCIAI, world leader in aluminium tubing. Characterised by hand-welding and integrated cable routing, this frame stands out for reliability and high stability. The new AND version enhances the strength properties that make ALL-IN perfect for long adventures on dirt tracks and unpaved roads.


Thanks to a special treatment, the aluminium frame undergoes a profound surface transformation using the unique combination of anodic oxide and the noble metal Silver. As a result, a brand new material is created.

The electrolytic process of anodizing causes an accelerated growth of the protective oxide layer on the aluminium. This treatment generates a new skin for the metal, characterised by very strong adhesion to the base. Silver ions seal the microporosity of the oxide, giving the surface of the frame unique properties.


Compared to conventional painting, the AND frame has a lower weight, very high corrosion resistance and high surface hardness. This translates into extraordinary resistance to scratches, abrasion and wear.

The colouring penetrates deeply and fixes itself in the oxide layer, guaranteeing almost infinite durability. Unlike traditional painting, no parts of the paint will detach as a result of shocks or vibrations thanks to the non-removable characteristics of the anodic oxide layer.

Maintenance is easier as dirt cannot stick to the surface. Cleaning the frame after a muddy or dusty ride is quick and easy.


The ALL-IN frame in the AND version will be presented in absolute preview at Cyclingworld Europe (inside the stand of the TITICI dealer La Bici), the prestigious show for finest bike culture to be held from March 18 to 20 in Düsseldorf (Germany). This treatment can be ordered immediately for ALL-IN frames in Apex, Grx and Rival Axs versions.