The Italian brand unveils its new gravel bike with the revolutionary AAT system (Arch Absorber Technology). The special arch shape of the seat tube further reduces vibrations, offering the highest combination of performance and comfort ever achieved

A racing soul in a revolutionary body shape. TITICI presents RELLI, the new full-carbon gravel bike designed to push the boundaries of offroad cycling performance. The pursuit of maximum speed, stability, comfort and riding fun has led to a radical reinterpretation of the gravel frame with the development of the innovative AAT (Arch Absorber Technology) system. The arched shape of the seat tube helps to reduce vibrations without the need for complex shock absorbers and without compromising the high stiffness of the frame, which translates into extraordinary performance.

RELLI is the natural evolution of the F-GR02 model of the Italian brand and joins the ALL-IN aluminium model in the gravel range, completing TITICI’s offer for gravel enthusiasts of all kinds: from demanding racing to adventurous bikepacking.


In 2017 TITICI was the first brand in the world to launch the PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) system, the translation to the most sophisticated engineering level of a simple intuition: the shape of the tubes and the deformation of the materials have significant influence on the comfort perceived by the rider. The flat and ultra-thin shape (only 8 millimetres) of the top tube featuring PAT technology makes it possible to absorb up to 19% more vibrations while maintaining torsional stiffness.

True to the same principle, TITICI engineers have continued development and designed the new AAT system (Arch Absorber Technology) which introduces a second vibration reduction element into the RELLI frame. The seat tube has been redesigned with a special arch shape that has the function of dampening shock impulses between the two nodes of the bottom bracket and the saddle. In this way, vibrations are not transmitted directly and immediately from the ground to the cyclist’s body.

The result is an even greater perception of comfort with an overall benefit in terms of performance. On uneven terrain, typical of gravel races, the body is less fatigued: the cyclist can push to the maximum for longer.


Compared to the F-GR02, the RELLI’s rear end has also been completely redesigned. Lowered seat stays (the junction with the seat tube is 30 millimetres lower than the top tube) provide greater stability on dirt roads and high responsiveness. The rear triangle and the fork are designed to accommodate wide tyres, up to 700x42c, without annoying mud accumulation.


RELLI’s front end was developed from VENTO, the road frame designed to combine aerodynamics and lightness. The oversized head tube (cross-section measures 1 1/2″ instead of the traditional 1 1/8″) provides stability and steering precision, even on the most demanding sections, and allows internal cable routing for a clean and aerodynamic design.


The RELLI frame is made of ultra-high modulus carbon fibers using PBW (Progressive Bandage Workmaship) wrapping technique with slow resins. This process makes it possible to create frames that are perfect to the millimetre, starting from the cyclist’s anthropometric measurements and biomechanical analysis. Each RELLI bike is unique, totally customised in its geometry and colors: the ideal partner for the cyclist and at the same time the expression of his character, according to the TITICI philosophy of exclusivity. The entire production process is carried out in Italy, from design and engineering to the creation of the frames and the assembly of the final product.

Available soon, online and at the TITICI retailers.