Happy birthday Titici! 60 years of Made in Italy innovation

December 22nd 2021: happy birthday Titici! 60 years of Made in Italy innovation

On December 22, 1961 TITICI was symbolically born. To celebrate 60 years of activity, we went back to the origins and we retraced the history of the glorious Italian brand together with the founder Alberto Pedrazzani.

On December 22, 1961 an all-Italian adventure began. A story of craftsmanship and innovation, of courage, passion and obstinacy. On that day, Alberto Pedrazzani puts down the welder and looks at his first frame: a tricycle for kids. He could not have known it yet, but just a few hours before Christmas, TITICI was being born.

The beginnings 

In Italy these were the years of the economic boom after the Second World War. Alberto Pedrazzani, born in 1937, works as an apprentice in a mechanical workshop in Castelnuovo d’Asola, in the province of Mantua. “A brand in Milan was looking for someone to weld the handlebars of their tricycles,” recalls the founder of TITICI. “When I heard about it, I looked for the brand at the Milan trade fair and made a deal with them. From handlebars, we moved on to full frames. I created my first tricycles and the first children’s bicycles.“.

Traditionally innovators 

Passionate about metalworking and specialized in braze welding, Pedrazzani has an open, curious and eclectic mind that leads him to anticipate the times by always looking for new solutions. It is therefore inevitable that the drive towards the future, the will to propose innovative and revolutionary products, become “character traits” also of the new TITICI creature. 

I got my license as a film operator, I attended specialization courses on metals and aerotechnical courses to understand propellers and electric motors. I attended international trade shows in search of the latest innovations. In 1964, I discovered electric welding and immediately introduced it to my company to increase the quality and strength of frames. I studied the models of other brands, not to copy them, but to develop better and unique frames to launch on the market. The goal was to win the competition, especially from Asian countries, through high quality and constant innovation. The motivation was often also practical: to guarantee me a way to support my five children“.

From the “Fuego” patent to one million frames 

It was also thanks to the support of the entire family that the company grew and business multiplied. In the 1980s, robotized welding increased productivity; in the early 1990s, the company, renamed Tecno Telai Ciclo (“In 1985, we put this name on the packaging of our tyre puncture repair kit. In 1995 it was shortened to TITICI” recalls Pedrazzani), reaches the production of one million frames per year, establishing itself among the largest European bike frame manufacturers. The dizzying growth is fueled by the strong demand for BMX bikes and the new mountain bikes, a sector in which TITICI is an undisputed excellence. 

The model I am most proud of, however, is the Fuego,” Pedrazzani explains. “It is a model patented in the early 1980s with a leaf spring suspension system that was absolutely innovative for the time. To make it, I was inspired by the suspension of farm wagons. The idea behind it is that greater driving comfort can be achieved by exploiting the deformation of materials. A concept that has been deepened in recent years by my son Matteo leading to the creation of the PAT system, the flat and ultra-thin top tube that has become the signature of every TITICI frame“.

Creators of the future: the bicycle atelier 

It is Matteo Pedrazzani himself, together with his brothers, who takes TITICI in the years 2000 into a new dimension: from the large serial production of bike frames to the handcrafted production of carbon frames, strictly tailored to the customer. Without forgetting the teachings of his father Alberto, inspired by his passion for the product and his desire to experiment, Matteo transforms the store of Castelnuovo d’Asola into an exclusive bicycle atelier. In 2007, TITICI launches for the first time in Italy the historic FieltyNine, the first 29″ MTB, setting a new trend. Since 2017, the brand is part of the Trerè Innovation group, a solid and important company from Mantua that contributes to the expansion of TITICI worldwide and gives continuity to the innovation process.

I see what the TITICI brand has become and I am very proud,” concludes Alberto Pedrazzani. “Thanks to Trerè Innovation, a Made in Italy product, handcrafted and innovative, can become known all over the world, gaining consensus and admiration.” In 60 years the frames have changed, but the values have always remained the same. Best wishes TITICI!

The initiatives for the 60 Years

To celebrate the 60 years of activity, TITICI has created in 2021 the VENTO Sessanta Anni model, a special edition characterized by the fascinating green coloring with chrome that ideally reconnects to the 60s. In the headquarters of Asola, moreover, is being completed a new show-room of 1000 square meters to display the entire collection, offer professional bikefitting services and support the customer in the definition of the model, geometries and colors best suited to its needs. The show-room is part of a renewal process of the entire headquarters and will be inaugurated during 2022.

Matthias Steinwandter


I begun with triathlon when I was 16 years old after doing athletic competitions. With the first successes in the youth categories races, I entered in the Italian National Triathlon. Unfortunately, in 2014, after having won the European Juniores title and after an excellent fifth place at the U23 World Championships, an injury kept me away from competitions for a long period. With the full recovery in 2016, I come back to compete in the Triathlon World Circuit, improving my position in the World Cup ranking every year.

  • 2012 – Eilat : Triathlon  European Champion Juniores;
  • 2012 – Peking: 6th at Triathlon World Championship Juniores;
  • 2013 –  London: 5th at Triathlon World Championship U23;
  • 2014 –  Kitzbühel: Triathlon European Champion Team Relay;
  • 2017-  Karlovy Vary: 15th at Triathlon WORLD CUP;
  • 2017 –  Madrid: 10th Triathlon WORLD CUP;
  • 2018 –  Lerici:  2nd at Triathlon Italian Championship;
  • 2018 – Cape Town: 11th at Triathlon WORLD CUP

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