Columbus x TITICI - Heart of Metal

Columbus x TITICI – Heart of Metal

Read the Columbus’ interview to Matteo Pedrazzani, TITICI Product Manager. Discover more about road model Strada, Progetto Sessanta and the collaboration with Columbus technicians.


Eurobike Frankfurt here we come!

Eurobike Frankfurt here we come!

During the fair, we will present our new TITICI bicycle collection, which stands out for its technological innovation, attractive design and superior performance. We will be happy to show the new models and to discuss the unique characteristics of each product to the cycling industry people.
Some models have already been presented through the launch on social media, such as the new Vento and the Strada and Sterrato steel frames, while we will have 2 absolute novelties, both carbon monocoque frames, one is the road aero version with stunning design, the ALFA model and the second a gravel all-round, the REVO, equipped with the new Sram Apex AXS group set.

We will wait for you at Hall 11 Stand D11!


ALFA, like the first letter of the Greek alphabet α, symbol of ‘beginning’. The beginning of a new era of hypersonic design and disruptive innovation of current aerodynamic standards.

Since 1961 TITICI has been synonymous with Italian genius and avant-garde spirit. Our philosophy requires us that each new model represents a real innovation, something that did not exist before. From this tradition of innovating comes a new standard of aerodynamics applied to speed, the ALFA project.

ALFA represents our fastest racing bike ever, born starting from the brand new PAT10 tube, which pushes the boundaries of the possible thanks to a triple approach: unprecedented aerodynamics, exceptional ride quality and design characterized by fluid shapes. This racing bike is equipped with the unprecedented DAC TECHNOLOGY, which offers the maximum advantage in terms of speed, stiffness and comfort.

A racing bike with unprecedented aerodynamics!


REVO represents our All-round gravel carbon bicycle, with a functional and compact design, built around the new monocoque PAT10 tube, to be used for training or competition, solo travel or for outings close to home with friends.

The REVO frame is made of monocoque carbon, compatible with single chainring groupsets or with double crankset, both electronic and mechanical, and offers exceptional versatility and flexibility to cyclists who choose it for their off-road adventures.

A gravel bike with no limits!


The new VENTO, the TITICI lightweight climbing bike, now UCI legal. Starting from 1961 we always fight to introduce new innovation in function and design, using the Italian creativity. We never stop in front of rules or competitors’ comments. But when the UCI changed the dimensions tubing for the road bike frames, we understood that maybe the Swiss technicians found our PAT so interesting that should be make legal.

We worked hard on the existing PAT, new shape, new lamination, new carbon blend and, after 2 years, we are proud to launch the new PA , now 10 mm thick to the new Vento.

Handmade to measure in Italy, entirely customizable from geometry down to paint job , extraordinarily pleasant to ride: both on the legendary Alpine passes and on the fast stretches on the flat.

Less weight, more stiffness, same comfort! A new era for your road riding experience!

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Progetto Sessanta - Steel is real

S like SESSANTA, the years of life of TITICI.
S for STEEL, in English, a noble material rich in history in the bicycle frame production sector.

With PROGETTO SESSANTA, TITICI wants to celebrate the heritage of steel processing, revisited in a modern key. Tradition and technology, art and Italian craftsmanship of a material that for decades has been skillfully worked at the Castelnuovo di Asola plant, to create hand-welded frames and shipped all over the world, before being set aside for more modern materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

In recent times, steel has been rediscovering a new life, above all thanks to the growth of the gravel and adventure bike segments, which prefer frames made with this material, robust, soft and alive, which speaks to the frame builder who builds it and to the cyclist who uses it.

PROGETTO SESSANTA makes it possible to revive an entirely “Made in Italy” collaboration with Columbus, the historic company from Caleppio di Settala (Milan), world leader in the production of high-end steel tubes for craftsmen and frame makers, preferential supplier of the noble material for many years.

The PROGETTO SESSANTA is the result of two years of development and work between the TITICI engineers and the Columbus technicians, to produce special exclusively designed tubes, to be used for the construction of a specific frame for gravel, called STERRATO, and one for the road segment, called STRADA.

In particular, the top tube presents the classic TITICI shape of the PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) system used on carbon frames, which in the case of steel is completed in PAT.P (Plate Absorber Technology Pressed). The flat and thin shape of the flattened tube helps to reduce vibrations without compromising the rigidity and frame performance.

STRADA and  STERRATO, the perfect union of Italian tradition and innovation.

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Titici Alloi, an endless adventure

The Italian brand introduces the third generation of the Dedacciai aluminium gravel model designed for bikepacking and fun on dirt roads. With new PAT.H. system for vibration damping and superior riding comfort

In 2020 TITICI presents the A-GR01, its first gravel model with Dedacciai aluminium frame. The following year from the hub of Asola (Mantua Province, Italy) comes ALL-IN, the evolution of the predecessor, with integrated cable routing, new frame and rear triangle geometries. Now the Italian brand is ready to launch ALLOI, the third generation in its family of aluminium gravel bikes. The DNA has remained the same: adventure, travel, fun – with no limits in terms of duration or terrain.

New PAT.H. anti-vibration technology, comfort and resistance together

Faithful to the ‘family’ tradition, the ALLOI frame also stems from the collaboration with Dedacciai, the leading Italian company that produced the highest quality aluminium tubes, with handmade welds and customised shapes for TITICI. 

The main innovation concerns the top tube featuring the new PAT.H (Plate Absorber Technology Hydroformed) technology, derived from the patented PAT system available on TITICI carbon frames. The iconic shape with an oval section, which is thinner and flatter, increases the vibration damping capacity while maintaining high resistance and torsional rigidity. The top tube is given this shape through hydroforming, a technique also used in the production of sports cars that exploits the high pressure of liquids to create extremely reliable and resistant tubes.

The benefits of PAT.H technology are superior stability and comfort combined with high performance. Vibrations generated by uneven terrain are absorbed by the frame structure and do not reach the rider’s arms, neck and back, the areas typically subjected to the most stress, thus leading to a greater feeling of well-being in the saddle over long distances.

Redesigned fork for improved ride stability

Like on the ALL-IN model, the head tube features an oversized diameter of 1 1/2″ that allows for full integration of the cables. TITICI engineers have completely redesigned the fork with an accentuated asymmetry to counteract the forces produced by the braking system. The result is greater riding stability on the most technical terrain.

Made in Italy design and functionality

Designed for long off-road adventures, the ALLOI model is optimised in every aspect, from its bikepacking predisposition to the possibility of fitting generously sized tyres, up to 700c x 40 or 650b x 45, and tackling the most extreme trails with full confidence. Sophisticated details make it unique and exclusive: the chiselled and hand-painted Titici logo on the seat stay bridge and on the chainstays, the graphic pattern on the top tube that evokes the magic of dirt roads, the total customisation of the colours. A perfect union of Made in Italy design and innovative functionality that has always been the hallmark of TITICI.

Premiere at Cyclingworld Europe in Dusseldorf, available now

It is possible to discover ALLOI in world premiere at the Cycling World Europe fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 10 to 12 March. The new TITICI bike model is available now on the official website

The e-gravel in disguise - TITICI presents DYNAMICA.

Premiering at the Italian Bike Festival in Misano Adriatico (Sept. 9-11), the Italian brand’s new e-bike with an innovative Mahle X20 drive unit. Light, compact and streamlined: a gravel bike with extra muscle power!

The new DYNAMICA gravel bike is Titici’s all-new gravel bike with grit infused into its DNA. A substantial amount of engineering research was put into the integration of the frame with the Mahle X20 system, a powerful and innovative drive unit.

DYNAMICA is a bike designed for performance: on the flat, it’s fast and light, even without assistance above 25 km/h; and on climbs or more technical sections, the Mahle X20 motor delivers power smoothly and naturally. Enjoy longer rides, more hours in the saddle, and more fun!

Compact and sleek design: as if there was even a motor.

A key aspect of the DYNAMICA is the evolution of chassis design. TITICI engineers have succeeded in creating streamlined and compact shapes, taking chassis-drive unit integration to an entirely new level.
One example is the small bottom bracket and streamlined, aerodynamic down tube designed to accommodate a 350 Wh battery (the largest offered by Mahle). The motor in the rear hub contributes to a cleaner, more harmonious aesthetic line.

PAT anti-vibration technology.

With its patented PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) design, the DYNAMICA frame is designed to handle rough terrain as well as roads. The flat, slim shape of the top tube provides a vibration-reducing effect (up to 18% more than a standard frame) while maintaining high torsional stiffness. This results in racing performance combined with increased comfort.

Redesigned fork, superior strength.

The head tube with an enlarged 1 1/2-inch cross-section allows full integration of cables for a clean aesthetic, while at the same time providing superior riding stability, especially on technical downhill sections. TITICI engineers redesigned the fork with an accentuated asymmetry to counteract the forces generated by the braking system. A particular angle is designed into the left chainstay for greater resistance at the disc brake caliper.

More stability, and more responsiveness with the new rear carriage.

The rear triangle has also been redesigned to provide an outstanding riding experience on rough terrain. Rather than joining the seat tube, the seat stays continue to engage the top tube. In a strategic area of the frame where forces are concentrated, this design creates a more stable and strong node. The shortened chainstays provide better handling, while the asymmetrical design offers more traction. The frame is designed to accommodate generously sized tires, up to 700c x 44 or 650b x 48, and tackle the most extreme trails with maximum fun.

Mahle X20, the lightest system on the market

X20 is the new drive unit from Germany’s leading automotive and smart mobility company. Weighing only 3.2 kg, X20 is the lightest hub-integrated system on the market. At the same time, power is not to be desired: with a torque of 55 Nm, pedaling is smooth and natural on any terrain. Even when speeds exceed 25 km/h, the Mahle X20 system eliminates the typical resistance felt with less advanced systems.

The 350 Wh battery is housed in the down tube, and a 172 Wh Range Extender can be added (in place of the bottle cage) to achieve a maximum range of 200 km. Smart charging allows you to recharge the battery to 80 percent in less than two hours and get back to blazing on the trails.

Premiering at the Italian Bike Festival Sept. 9-11

The new TITICI DYNAMICA Gravel will be unveiled for the first time at the Italian Bike Festival, Italy’s largest bicycle trade show, scheduled for September 9-11 at the Misano World Circuit in Misano Adriatico (RN).
Available also in Road version, delivery will begin in spring 2023. Order now.

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TITICI Sterrato GRX LE featuring Shimano

TITICI celebrates gravel cycling with the new limited-edition STERRATO: only 12 unique pieces available featuring the exclusive Shimano GRX Limited groupset

The Italian brand unveils its latest gravel creation: Columbus Life steel tubes, handmade in Italy, with PAT anti-vibration system. The first 12 pieces are made in collaboration with Shimano and painted by street artist Luca Di Maggio

Heritage and technology, art and Italian craftsmanship. TITICI celebrates gravel cycling with a unique initiative in collaboration with Shimano: the new STERRATO model made in special edition and equipped with the Limited version of the famous Shimano GRX groupset.

STERRATO GRX LE will be produced in just 12 pieces that will be hand-painted by Milanese street artist and gravel rider Luca Di Maggio, inspired by the motto “Ride TITICI around the world”. The fork of each model evokes a different country in the world, referring to the main cultural stylistic features. The first model is dedicated to Japan: Mount Fuji, the Rising Sun, the bonsai plant and the lotus flower stand out in red on a white background – the national colours.


The STERRATO project was born in 2018 from the desire to introduce a noble material, rich in cycling history, into the TITICI range: steel. These premises are at the basis of the “Made in Italy” collaboration with Columbus, the historic company from Caleppio di Settala (Milan), one of the biggest and most famous steel tubing manufacturer. STERRATO is handmade using Columbus Life tubes engineered exclusively for TITICI. The top tube, in particular, features the patented PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) system already used by the Italian brand in its carbon frames. The flat and thin shape of the tube helps reduce vibrations without compromising the frame’s stiffness and performance.

STERRATO is the sublime marriage between comfort, guaranteed by the steel and empowered by the PAT system, and performance written in the TITICI DNA. The result is a model with a vintage character featuring modern and sophisticated details, such as the integrated cable routing, the oversized head tube and the disc brakes. The perfect celebration of gravel cycling, a style that evokes the heroic cycling but constantly looks to future and innovation.

Shimano GRX Limited Edition groupset

Shimano delivered the first dedicated gravel components back in 2019 with Shimano GRX. Today, in cooperation with TITICI, Shimano releases GRX Limited. At its core, GRX Limited is the tried and true 11-speed mechanical GRX 800 series groupset, but the brushed and polished silver finish delivers a classy take on the quality, precision, and durability synonymous with GRX.

The special-edition STERRATO GLX LE will be available from October with 1×11-speed or 2×11-speed. The STERRATO model, with customer choice of set-up, will be available on the market from the same date.

A special location for the STERRATO GRX LE

The photographs for the launch campaign of the STERRATO GRX LE were taken in the stunning setting of the Parco Giardino Sigurtà, the nature park located in Valeggio sul Mincio, in the province of Verona, elected one of the most beautiful parks in Italy and Europe. The chosen location is the Laghetti Fioriti, surrounded by water lilies and Japanese maples. The oriental setting alludes to the landscapes of Japan, highlighting the refinement of the new STERRATO and Luca Di Maggio’s artistic creation.

Available starting in October, online and at TITICI retailers

Titici Relli, Gravel has a new shape

The Italian brand unveils its new gravel bike with the revolutionary AAT system (Arch Absorber Technology). The special arch shape of the seat tube further reduces vibrations, offering the highest combination of performance and comfort ever achieved

A racing soul in a revolutionary body shape. TITICI presents RELLI, the new full-carbon gravel bike designed to push the boundaries of offroad cycling performance. The pursuit of maximum speed, stability, comfort and riding fun has led to a radical reinterpretation of the gravel frame with the development of the innovative AAT (Arch Absorber Technology) system. The arched shape of the seat tube helps to reduce vibrations without the need for complex shock absorbers and without compromising the high stiffness of the frame, which translates into extraordinary performance.

RELLI is the natural evolution of the F-GR02 model of the Italian brand and joins the ALL-IN aluminium model in the gravel range, completing TITICI’s offer for gravel enthusiasts of all kinds: from demanding racing to adventurous bikepacking.


In 2017 TITICI was the first brand in the world to launch the PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) system, the translation to the most sophisticated engineering level of a simple intuition: the shape of the tubes and the deformation of the materials have significant influence on the comfort perceived by the rider. The flat and ultra-thin shape (only 8 millimetres) of the top tube featuring PAT technology makes it possible to absorb up to 19% more vibrations while maintaining torsional stiffness.

True to the same principle, TITICI engineers have continued development and designed the new AAT system (Arch Absorber Technology) which introduces a second vibration reduction element into the RELLI frame. The seat tube has been redesigned with a special arch shape that has the function of dampening shock impulses between the two nodes of the bottom bracket and the saddle. In this way, vibrations are not transmitted directly and immediately from the ground to the cyclist’s body.

The result is an even greater perception of comfort with an overall benefit in terms of performance. On uneven terrain, typical of gravel races, the body is less fatigued: the cyclist can push to the maximum for longer.


Compared to the F-GR02, the RELLI’s rear end has also been completely redesigned. Lowered seat stays (the junction with the seat tube is 30 millimetres lower than the top tube) provide greater stability on dirt roads and high responsiveness. The rear triangle and the fork are designed to accommodate wide tyres, up to 700x42c, without annoying mud accumulation.


RELLI’s front end was developed from VENTO, the road frame designed to combine aerodynamics and lightness. The oversized head tube (cross-section measures 1 1/2″ instead of the traditional 1 1/8″) provides stability and steering precision, even on the most demanding sections, and allows internal cable routing for a clean and aerodynamic design.


The RELLI frame is made of ultra-high modulus carbon fibers using PBW (Progressive Bandage Workmaship) wrapping technique with slow resins. This process makes it possible to create frames that are perfect to the millimetre, starting from the cyclist’s anthropometric measurements and biomechanical analysis. Each RELLI bike is unique, totally customised in its geometry and colors: the ideal partner for the cyclist and at the same time the expression of his character, according to the TITICI philosophy of exclusivity. The entire production process is carried out in Italy, from design and engineering to the creation of the frames and the assembly of the final product.

Available soon, online and at the TITICI retailers.

Titici presents All-in And

Titici presents All-in And: the new gravel frame featuring ultra-resistant anodizing treatment and silver ions.

The Italian brand will unveil at Cyclingworld Düsseldorf (Germany, 18-20 March) the AND version of its ALL-IN aluminium frame, featuring special anodizing treatment: extraordinarily resistant to scratches, abrasion and wear.

Beautiful things last forever. TITICI presents the AND version of its ALL-IN frame, which features an innovative anodizing treatment with silver ions. Thanks to this patented technology, the frame becomes extraordinarily resistant to scratches and abrasion, guaranteeing almost total resistance to oxidation even in a marine environment.

The ALL-IN frame is the result of an exclusive collaboration with the Italian company DEDACCIAI, world leader in aluminium tubing. Characterised by hand-welding and integrated cable routing, this frame stands out for reliability and high stability. The new AND version enhances the strength properties that make ALL-IN perfect for long adventures on dirt tracks and unpaved roads.


Thanks to a special treatment, the aluminium frame undergoes a profound surface transformation using the unique combination of anodic oxide and the noble metal Silver. As a result, a brand new material is created.

The electrolytic process of anodizing causes an accelerated growth of the protective oxide layer on the aluminium. This treatment generates a new skin for the metal, characterised by very strong adhesion to the base. Silver ions seal the microporosity of the oxide, giving the surface of the frame unique properties.


Compared to conventional painting, the AND frame has a lower weight, very high corrosion resistance and high surface hardness. This translates into extraordinary resistance to scratches, abrasion and wear.

The colouring penetrates deeply and fixes itself in the oxide layer, guaranteeing almost infinite durability. Unlike traditional painting, no parts of the paint will detach as a result of shocks or vibrations thanks to the non-removable characteristics of the anodic oxide layer.

Maintenance is easier as dirt cannot stick to the surface. Cleaning the frame after a muddy or dusty ride is quick and easy.


The ALL-IN frame in the AND version will be presented in absolute preview at Cyclingworld Europe (inside the stand of the TITICI dealer La Bici), the prestigious show for finest bike culture to be held from March 18 to 20 in Düsseldorf (Germany). This treatment can be ordered immediately for ALL-IN frames in Apex, Grx and Rival Axs versions.

Happy birthday Titici! 60 years of Made in Italy innovation

December 22nd 2021: happy birthday Titici! 60 years of Made in Italy innovation

On December 22, 1961 TITICI was symbolically born. To celebrate 60 years of activity, we went back to the origins and we retraced the history of the glorious Italian brand together with the founder Alberto Pedrazzani.

On December 22, 1961 an all-Italian adventure began. A story of craftsmanship and innovation, of courage, passion and obstinacy. On that day, Alberto Pedrazzani puts down the welder and looks at his first frame: a tricycle for kids. He could not have known it yet, but just a few hours before Christmas, TITICI was being born.

The beginnings 

In Italy these were the years of the economic boom after the Second World War. Alberto Pedrazzani, born in 1937, works as an apprentice in a mechanical workshop in Castelnuovo d’Asola, in the province of Mantua. “A brand in Milan was looking for someone to weld the handlebars of their tricycles,” recalls the founder of TITICI. “When I heard about it, I looked for the brand at the Milan trade fair and made a deal with them. From handlebars, we moved on to full frames. I created my first tricycles and the first children’s bicycles.“.

Traditionally innovators 

Passionate about metalworking and specialized in braze welding, Pedrazzani has an open, curious and eclectic mind that leads him to anticipate the times by always looking for new solutions. It is therefore inevitable that the drive towards the future, the will to propose innovative and revolutionary products, become “character traits” also of the new TITICI creature. 

I got my license as a film operator, I attended specialization courses on metals and aerotechnical courses to understand propellers and electric motors. I attended international trade shows in search of the latest innovations. In 1964, I discovered electric welding and immediately introduced it to my company to increase the quality and strength of frames. I studied the models of other brands, not to copy them, but to develop better and unique frames to launch on the market. The goal was to win the competition, especially from Asian countries, through high quality and constant innovation. The motivation was often also practical: to guarantee me a way to support my five children“.

From the “Fuego” patent to one million frames 

It was also thanks to the support of the entire family that the company grew and business multiplied. In the 1980s, robotized welding increased productivity; in the early 1990s, the company, renamed Tecno Telai Ciclo (“In 1985, we put this name on the packaging of our tyre puncture repair kit. In 1995 it was shortened to TITICI” recalls Pedrazzani), reaches the production of one million frames per year, establishing itself among the largest European bike frame manufacturers. The dizzying growth is fueled by the strong demand for BMX bikes and the new mountain bikes, a sector in which TITICI is an undisputed excellence. 

The model I am most proud of, however, is the Fuego,” Pedrazzani explains. “It is a model patented in the early 1980s with a leaf spring suspension system that was absolutely innovative for the time. To make it, I was inspired by the suspension of farm wagons. The idea behind it is that greater driving comfort can be achieved by exploiting the deformation of materials. A concept that has been deepened in recent years by my son Matteo leading to the creation of the PAT system, the flat and ultra-thin top tube that has become the signature of every TITICI frame“.

Creators of the future: the bicycle atelier 

It is Matteo Pedrazzani himself, together with his brothers, who takes TITICI in the years 2000 into a new dimension: from the large serial production of bike frames to the handcrafted production of carbon frames, strictly tailored to the customer. Without forgetting the teachings of his father Alberto, inspired by his passion for the product and his desire to experiment, Matteo transforms the store of Castelnuovo d’Asola into an exclusive bicycle atelier. In 2007, TITICI launches for the first time in Italy the historic FieltyNine, the first 29″ MTB, setting a new trend. Since 2017, the brand is part of the Trerè Innovation group, a solid and important company from Mantua that contributes to the expansion of TITICI worldwide and gives continuity to the innovation process.

I see what the TITICI brand has become and I am very proud,” concludes Alberto Pedrazzani. “Thanks to Trerè Innovation, a Made in Italy product, handcrafted and innovative, can become known all over the world, gaining consensus and admiration.” In 60 years the frames have changed, but the values have always remained the same. Best wishes TITICI!

The initiatives for the 60 Years

To celebrate the 60 years of activity, TITICI has created in 2021 the VENTO Sessanta Anni model, a special edition characterized by the fascinating green coloring with chrome that ideally reconnects to the 60s. In the headquarters of Asola, moreover, is being completed a new show-room of 1000 square meters to display the entire collection, offer professional bikefitting services and support the customer in the definition of the model, geometries and colors best suited to its needs. The show-room is part of a renewal process of the entire headquarters and will be inaugurated during 2022.

Titici x luna rossa prada pirelli

F-DB02 x Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the TITICI Special Edition in three unique pieces. Join the auction to win yours!

Crafting the perfect bike is like creating the winning boat. It takes technology and passion, innovation and obsessive attention to detail. From the encounter between the excellence of cycling and sailing comes to life TITICI F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI.

Together to make history
Exclusive and sophisticated, this model was handmade in Italy with custom graphics dedicated to the prestigious Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team, the Challenger of Record of the 36th America’s Cup presented by PRADA. TITICI’s technology and performance support the Italian crew in a historic mission: to bring the oldest international sporting trophy to Italy for the first time.

Three bikes for three champions
The F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI model has been produced in three pieces for the team director and skipper Max Sirena and the helmsmen James Spithill and Francesco Bruni. The three sailing champions have stamped their signatures on the frame and are using the bike in Auckland (New Zealand) as part of their athletic preparation for the PRADA Cup regattas. Winning the most important challenges is something that can only be achieved through the perfection of details.

Made in Italy performance and comfort
Light, essential and elegant, the F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI model is the absolute synthesis of performance and comfort. The high-end carbon frame features the thinnest top tube in the world, just 8 millimetres – a patented technology (Plate Absorber Technology) that allows the F-DB02 frame to absorb up to 18% more vibrations than standard frames, without compromising the high torsional stiffness. The best riding feeling, with racing performance.

Join the auction on Charity Stars 
The F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI model can be yours! Take part in the auction on Charity Stars platform and become the owner of the bike signed by James Spithill or Francesco Bruni. The auction starts Friday 22 January and will end on Monday 22 February with the announcement of the two winners. Don’t miss the chance to ride a unique, collectible bike.


TITICI and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli against plastic litter
Through the proceeds of the auction we support the project No Plastic in the Ocean promoted by One Ocean Foundation. Every euro raised will contribute to the collection of 2 kg of plastic waste that threatens the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. In collaboration with local organisations, such as Plastic Bank, the waste will be collected and reintroduced into the global manufacturing supply chain, thus encouraging the development of a local circular economy.

TITICI and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli joined this project motivated by their sensitivity towards the serious problem of plastic litter. Plastic pollution is unfortunately present in all the seas of the world, it closely affects the activities of Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and the Italian group Trerè Innovation, owner of the TITICI brand. For years Trerè Innovation has been promoting a sustainable production system that respects the seas and the environment. There is no planet B.

Technical specs

Custom frame: TITICI F-DB02 x LUNA ROSSA PRADA PIRELLI full carbon
Seatpost: Carbon Ti
Stem: Deda Elementi Superzero
Handlebar: Deda Elementi Superzero Carbon
Seatpost: Deda Elementi Superzero
Wheelset: Campagnolo Shamal Carbon
Groupset: Campagnolo Record 12s
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo Record 12s
Crankset: Campagnolo Record UT Carbon
Shifters: Campagnolo Record UT Carbon
Chain: Campagnolo Super Record
Sprocket: Campagnolo Super Record 12s
Brake system: Campagnolo 03 AFS 140mm / 160 mm
Saddle: Prologo
Tires: Pirelli P ZERO™
Handlebar Tape: Prologo