COM.UNITI HOPPY RIDE - Torbole April 2024

First COM.UNITI Hoppy Ride!


Sun, fun, climb and beer, these are the ingredients of the first HOPPY RIDE organized at the TITICI & UYN BIKE STORE in Torbole. New TITICI direct sales point where you can discover with your own eyes the collection of innovative bikes and test them on the road. You find the shop in Via Giacomo Matteotti 10.

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COM.UNITI - Sartoria Gravel Team 2024




TITICI and Sartoria Gravel Team together again to continue to bring some color to the gravel world. 


For the 2023 season, the SGT team was equipped with a fleet of RELLI bikes customized with a combination of Sartoria Ciclistica‘s iconic colors and the iso-hyphen of the Larian triangle, where it was possible to discover the coordinates of some of the most magical climbs. The top tube features stylized graphics of the mountains of Lake Como and the motto ‘WE RIDE FOR COFFEE’’ close to the headset.


For the 2024 season, however, we let ourselves be inspired by the nineties style, such a great period for ourselves. We were all young, with long hair,  the pouch bag was a trend, the dance music was at its peak though Gigi d’Agostino wasn’t already known. The fluo colors were inevitable and we could only start from here to create the new graphics for the RELLI frames.


The team has expanded to 5 members, coming from 3 different countries and for the first time will see among its ranks a girl, Terry “Thunder” Fremineur from Belgium.


The riders will participate in the main gravel competitions in Europe, with the aim of qualifying for the UCI world championships scheduled for early October in Flanders.

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SGT 2024 roster 2024


ALESSANDRO TINO – ITALIA – @iamalessandrotino






EDDIE ELIAKIM – FRANCIA – @eddie_eliakim


TERRY FREMINEUR – BELGIO – @thunder_terry




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COM.UNITI - Klara Fischnaller



Say hello to Klara, new TITICI COM.UNITI member. Klara is a cyclist from the north of Italy, South Tyrol. She lives in Merano so all the beautiful passes are around her: Passo Stelvio, Passo Rombo, the Dolomites and a lot more. After 2 years as professional cyclist in Belgium, now she loves to be outside riding up some mountain roads being on the bike for several hours. She chose to ride with the Vento model, because this model is the perfect bike for her and his adventures/training.

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VOICES - STERRATO Federico Pallanch

Through the VOICES posts, we want to give voice to our customers and their experiences with TITICI bicycles. The first entry is the Federico Pallanch’s voice and his STERRATO Tinge90.

“I am passionate about cycling and snacking. My physical shape is that of a panda but despite this, I like to spend many hours in the saddle. In fact, in my cycling experience I participated at many gravel competitions such as: The Traka 360, Tuscany Trail (twice), Rando Imperator, Nova Eroica, etc …What do you think is the right bike for you? I have asked myself this question several times, is it perhaps the fastest, lightest, most beautiful? What if it was just a vehicle that allows you to explore while guaranteeing excellent reliability and comfort? I went through the use of bicycles with aluminum and carbon frames, but without finding the right feeling for the type of gravel cycling I practice. Until the moment I decided to try a steel frame, specifically a DIRT made with Columbus LIFE tubing equipped with the PAT.P horizontal tube. While trying this bicycle I realized that ultimately this essentiality offered by steel was right for me. Getting on the saddle felt like I had always ridden it, right from the first stretches of dirt road I noticed a comfort that I had never experienced. From smoother terrain like Traka in Girona to rougher terrain like in Franciacorta, this bike is ready to tackle anything with the addition of a pinch of retro style that doesn’t hurt.”



COM.UNITI - @frenchgravel



Meet @frenchgravel . A cyclist, traveller, Fujifilm photographer, coffee lover and new TITICI COM.UNITI member who will be taking his new RALLY Special TI in Iridescent Purple around the French gravel trails and bike cafes for the next few months. Happy riding and have fun Mathieu!

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Sam William Andrews Diary: #2 Badlands Granada -Spain

Jesse Yates and I embarked on this journey with a single goal at the beginning of the year: to win the pairs category and secure a spot in the top 10.

This race is infamous for its scorching heat, but we were fortunate to encounter storms and cooler temperatures, something we didn’t stress about, coming from the UK.

Our game plan was to maintain a consistent pace throughout the race. The start was intense, but we knew not everyone could sustain that speed. As night fell, we steadily overtook riders left and right, comfortably securing a position in the top 10 overall. We battled fiercely for the pairs position, sometimes wondering if first place was within reach.

Upon reaching Almería, we pushed hard up the climbs, creating a substantial gap between us and the pursuing pairs.

The last 100km proved to be the most grueling challenge I’ve ever faced. I experienced hallucinations, struggled to stay awake on my bike, and felt disoriented.

Crossing that finish line was an emotional triumph. We achieved our goal, rode efficiency, and the relief of finally completing this arduous journey was overwhelming.

See you out there!

Deux mille Challenge: MAX DID IT!

Maximillian Schnell did it! All 204 cols over 2,000 meters in the Pyrenees and Alps in 77 days, self-supported, with no rest days: 10,839 kilometers and 271,004 vertical meters.

He’s the first person ever to accomplish this, at his side a special edition of our Sterrato, a gravel bike made with custom Columbus steel tubing.

It all started on 27 May 2023 in Luz-Saint-Sauveur in the French Pyrenees, where a small group joined Max at the beautiful Pont Napoleon. Col des Tentes was the first col to be conquered. The Pyrenees showed their best and worst sides; the immaculate sceneries mixed with springtime weather, where sunny conditions would change the rain and hail, typically in the afternoons. It was a rough start for Max, who had to get up in the middle of nights to catch up on lost time. In eight days, Max had ticked off all 24 cols in the Pyrenees and could make his way towards the Alps.

The weather wasn’t much better in the southern Alps. The pattern stayed the same for days. Rideable mornings, rain in the afternoons. The highest top in the challenge, Cime de la Bonette, hadn’t been cleared of snow and Max had to hike the last 300 meters to the top.

During the planning phase, which started ten months ago, we put much effort into getting every paved col on the list. The community was a huge help. Our definition of a Deux Mille col is paved from start to finish, which is 1) a pass, 2) a dead-end, or 3) a significant end-point, e.g. a ski resort or a restaurant. Still, within these boundaries, it gets blurry. Some cols were included, but we weren’t sure if they met the criteria. If in doubt, Max would do them anyhow. In the end, of the 204 cols conquered, 198 met the criteria.

Not surprisingly, some of the best moments came from lesser-known climbs, like Cirque du Troumouse, Les Fonts, Lago del Naret, Lago della Sella, Steingletscher, Oberaarsee, and Petit-Mont-Cenis. Especially in the world of bike packers, where Max excels, these cols bring something unique to the table.

Summer finally arrived and through France and Italy, time was gained. Some tricky changes kicked in around the normally ever-so-beautiful Dolomites, where the weather turned bad again and the challenge entered Austria. The Austrian cols were, pretty much without any exceptions, incredibly tough. However, Max’s friend, and triathlete, Flo Mestdagh joined (on his tri-bike) and rode with Max for the remainder of the challenge. At the Tiefenbachferner, the challenge reached its highest point (but the col ends lower.) The mighty Tiefenbach, and the linked Rettenbach, were disappointingly fake.

Perhaps the hardest day was 26 July, when winter conditions halfway up the Grimselpass, kept Max and Flo grounded for hours, and Max got concerned about his health. He couldn’t keep himself warm, and ignoring the signals would only make things worse. Time was lost. Faced with hard weather conditions at the start of the week, and suddenly running behind schedule, it became “either you follow me, or I don’t wait for you” for Max and his friend Flo. But also day 35, in the Dolomites, with 12 hours of riding, 203 kilometers and more than 6,600 vertical meters gained was brutal.

A Forrest Gump-like trend started during the last 2-3 weeks of the challenge. More and more, especially bike packers, joined Max, and by the time they did the final Italian climb, Col du Petit Saint Bernard, a group of up to 15 was riding with Max. The group increased all the way to the penultimate climb up to Col du Galibier, where both riders, family, and friends at the top, celebrated the historic accomplishment on 12 August.


@deuxmillecc , @maxschnell555

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Sicily, land of the Normans, a land of sea and mountains, volcanoes, and green pastures. The land of my family.

A land of sun, but also of mud, that mud which made my journey difficult. Mud that, in some cases, literally stopped me. Seven days on my TITICI RELLI, carrying only the essentials, I crossed the coasts and the hinterland of this stunning island solo.

On my bike, I felt simultaneously in Ireland for its green coasts, in Cambodia for its muddy and bamboo-filled interior, in Africa for the climate and arid zones, and in Italy for the people and the food.

I covered a distance of 800 kilometers in seven days of pedaling, with an elevation gain of 12,000 meters, mostly tackling the inland areas. It was there that I witnessed the most beautiful landscapes, going from the coast to the pastures of Mount Etna Park, reaching out to touch the imposing Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Modica, known as the city of a hundred churches, Syracuse, a city of Greek origin.

I saw the breathtaking white Scala dei Turchi. I savored the food and the hospitality of its inhabitants (thanks to those who decided to host me).

Once again, I did it my way… solo. They ask me, “Why do you travel alone?” Traveling alone is a journey of double value for me… you taste everything you encounter around you, but you have to face everything that is within you.

Find the courage to embark on this kind of experience… it will leave an indelible mark and unforgettable memories, and perhaps choose Italy as your first journey… it won’t disappoint you.




It was a weekend full of emotions and experiences for the TITICI CREW at The Traka in Girona. Super congratulations to @samwilliamandrews for hitting the top ten in the 360k course, an incredible 6th position on his RELLI GHOTIC SHADOW.

Applause to the guys of the @sartoriaciclistica TITICI GRAVEL TEAM team, to @ubycyclist, @federicovandone, @sambylord, @and_gini72, @federico_pallanch, who, on their TITICI bikes, participated and completed the 360k, 200k and 100k routes.

A special thanks to @tdtorre and @javiangulog from the magazine @rawcyclingmag, who shared days of laughs, interviews, photo shoots and lots of dust in the race with the TITICI CREW! THE TRAKA see you next year!

Sam William Andrews Diary: #1 BWR Arizona - US

I embarked on a grand desert escapade to Arizona,
all in the name of kick starting my season with a bang at the Belgian Waffle Ride.

The course was a tantalizing blend of treacherous terrain, featuring undulating hills, specially designed MTB trails, rugged sand washes, and bumpy 4×4 roads.
And all of this set against a picturesque backdrop of the stunning desert rock and prickly cacti.
The course, spanning 122-miles, was a perfect medley, making it the ideal prelude to a long season ahead.

With the 7am start fast approaching, I found myself at the front of the start line, flanked by ex-world tour pros, national champions, Olympians, conti riders, and weekend warriors.
The atmosphere was electric, and everyone was eager to prove their worth after months of grueling winter training.

As we set off on a neutral roll out, we were almost immediately faced with a long, grueling climb.
At first, it was a peaceful ascent with friendly chatter, but soon after, the pace intensified, Pete Stetina led the charge up the steep inclines.

Despite my best efforts, I found myself in the second chasing group, struggling to keep up with the lead pack.
However, as soon as we hit the first off-road sector, I kicked into high gear, determined to make up lost ground and tackle the challenging terrain with all my might.

The race was not without its obstacles, but I dug deep and persevered, never giving up.
And as I crossed the finish line, I was elated to have secured a top 30 overall finish and a top 20 spot in my age category.

It was a grueling yet rewarding experience, and I can’t wait for more of it this season.

See you out there!