Sicily, land of the Normans, a land of sea and mountains, volcanoes, and green pastures. The land of my family.

A land of sun, but also of mud, that mud which made my journey difficult. Mud that, in some cases, literally stopped me. Seven days on my TITICI RELLI, carrying only the essentials, I crossed the coasts and the hinterland of this stunning island solo.

On my bike, I felt simultaneously in Ireland for its green coasts, in Cambodia for its muddy and bamboo-filled interior, in Africa for the climate and arid zones, and in Italy for the people and the food.

I covered a distance of 800 kilometers in seven days of pedaling, with an elevation gain of 12,000 meters, mostly tackling the inland areas. It was there that I witnessed the most beautiful landscapes, going from the coast to the pastures of Mount Etna Park, reaching out to touch the imposing Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. Modica, known as the city of a hundred churches, Syracuse, a city of Greek origin.

I saw the breathtaking white Scala dei Turchi. I savored the food and the hospitality of its inhabitants (thanks to those who decided to host me).

Once again, I did it my way… solo. They ask me, “Why do you travel alone?” Traveling alone is a journey of double value for me… you taste everything you encounter around you, but you have to face everything that is within you.

Find the courage to embark on this kind of experience… it will leave an indelible mark and unforgettable memories, and perhaps choose Italy as your first journey… it won’t disappoint you.



Eurobike Frankfurt here we come!

Eurobike Frankfurt here we come!

During the fair, we will present our new TITICI bicycle collection, which stands out for its technological innovation, attractive design and superior performance. We will be happy to show the new models and to discuss the unique characteristics of each product to the cycling industry people.
Some models have already been presented through the launch on social media, such as the new Vento and the Strada and Sterrato steel frames, while we will have 2 absolute novelties, both carbon monocoque frames, one is the road aero version with stunning design, the ALFA model and the second a gravel all-round, the REVO, equipped with the new Sram Apex AXS group set.

We will wait for you at Hall 11 Stand D11!


ALFA, like the first letter of the Greek alphabet α, symbol of ‘beginning’. The beginning of a new era of hypersonic design and disruptive innovation of current aerodynamic standards.

Since 1961 TITICI has been synonymous with Italian genius and avant-garde spirit. Our philosophy requires us that each new model represents a real innovation, something that did not exist before. From this tradition of innovating comes a new standard of aerodynamics applied to speed, the ALFA project.

ALFA represents our fastest racing bike ever, born starting from the brand new PAT10 tube, which pushes the boundaries of the possible thanks to a triple approach: unprecedented aerodynamics, exceptional ride quality and design characterized by fluid shapes. This racing bike is equipped with the unprecedented DAC TECHNOLOGY, which offers the maximum advantage in terms of speed, stiffness and comfort.

A racing bike with unprecedented aerodynamics!


REVO represents our All-round gravel carbon bicycle, with a functional and compact design, built around the new monocoque PAT10 tube, to be used for training or competition, solo travel or for outings close to home with friends.

The REVO frame is made of monocoque carbon, compatible with single chainring groupsets or with double crankset, both electronic and mechanical, and offers exceptional versatility and flexibility to cyclists who choose it for their off-road adventures.

A gravel bike with no limits!


The new VENTO, the TITICI lightweight climbing bike, now UCI legal. Starting from 1961 we always fight to introduce new innovation in function and design, using the Italian creativity. We never stop in front of rules or competitors’ comments. But when the UCI changed the dimensions tubing for the road bike frames, we understood that maybe the Swiss technicians found our PAT so interesting that should be make legal.

We worked hard on the existing PAT, new shape, new lamination, new carbon blend and, after 2 years, we are proud to launch the new PA , now 10 mm thick to the new Vento.

Handmade to measure in Italy, entirely customizable from geometry down to paint job , extraordinarily pleasant to ride: both on the legendary Alpine passes and on the fast stretches on the flat.

Less weight, more stiffness, same comfort! A new era for your road riding experience!

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