Progetto Sessanta - Steel is real

S like SESSANTA, the years of life of TITICI.
S for STEEL, in English, a noble material rich in history in the bicycle frame production sector.

With PROGETTO SESSANTA, TITICI wants to celebrate the heritage of steel processing, revisited in a modern key. Tradition and technology, art and Italian craftsmanship of a material that for decades has been skillfully worked at the Castelnuovo di Asola plant, to create hand-welded frames and shipped all over the world, before being set aside for more modern materials such as aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber.

In recent times, steel has been rediscovering a new life, above all thanks to the growth of the gravel and adventure bike segments, which prefer frames made with this material, robust, soft and alive, which speaks to the frame builder who builds it and to the cyclist who uses it.

PROGETTO SESSANTA makes it possible to revive an entirely “Made in Italy” collaboration with Columbus, the historic company from Caleppio di Settala (Milan), world leader in the production of high-end steel tubes for craftsmen and frame makers, preferential supplier of the noble material for many years.

The PROGETTO SESSANTA is the result of two years of development and work between the TITICI engineers and the Columbus technicians, to produce special exclusively designed tubes, to be used for the construction of a specific frame for gravel, called STERRATO, and one for the road segment, called STRADA.

In particular, the top tube presents the classic TITICI shape of the PAT (Plate Absorber Technology) system used on carbon frames, which in the case of steel is completed in PAT.P (Plate Absorber Technology Pressed). The flat and thin shape of the flattened tube helps to reduce vibrations without compromising the rigidity and frame performance.

STRADA and  STERRATO, the perfect union of Italian tradition and innovation.

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It was a weekend full of emotions and experiences for the TITICI CREW at The Traka in Girona. Super congratulations to @samwilliamandrews for hitting the top ten in the 360k course, an incredible 6th position on his RELLI GHOTIC SHADOW.

Applause to the guys of the @sartoriaciclistica TITICI GRAVEL TEAM team, to @ubycyclist, @federicovandone, @sambylord, @and_gini72, @federico_pallanch, who, on their TITICI bikes, participated and completed the 360k, 200k and 100k routes.

A special thanks to @tdtorre and @javiangulog from the magazine @rawcyclingmag, who shared days of laughs, interviews, photo shoots and lots of dust in the race with the TITICI CREW! THE TRAKA see you next year!