COM.UNITI - Sartoria Gravel Team 2024




TITICI and Sartoria Gravel Team together again to continue to bring some color to the gravel world. 


For the 2023 season, the SGT team was equipped with a fleet of RELLI bikes customized with a combination of Sartoria Ciclistica‘s iconic colors and the iso-hyphen of the Larian triangle, where it was possible to discover the coordinates of some of the most magical climbs. The top tube features stylized graphics of the mountains of Lake Como and the motto ‘WE RIDE FOR COFFEE’’ close to the headset.


For the 2024 season, however, we let ourselves be inspired by the nineties style, such a great period for ourselves. We were all young, with long hair,  the pouch bag was a trend, the dance music was at its peak though Gigi d’Agostino wasn’t already known. The fluo colors were inevitable and we could only start from here to create the new graphics for the RELLI frames.


The team has expanded to 5 members, coming from 3 different countries and for the first time will see among its ranks a girl, Terry “Thunder” Fremineur from Belgium.


The riders will participate in the main gravel competitions in Europe, with the aim of qualifying for the UCI world championships scheduled for early October in Flanders.

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SGT 2024 roster 2024


ALESSANDRO TINO – ITALIA – @iamalessandrotino






EDDIE ELIAKIM – FRANCIA – @eddie_eliakim


TERRY FREMINEUR – BELGIO – @thunder_terry




Credits @federicovandone

COM.UNITI - Klara Fischnaller



Say hello to Klara, new TITICI COM.UNITI member. Klara is a cyclist from the north of Italy, South Tyrol. She lives in Merano so all the beautiful passes are around her: Passo Stelvio, Passo Rombo, the Dolomites and a lot more. After 2 years as professional cyclist in Belgium, now she loves to be outside riding up some mountain roads being on the bike for several hours. She chose to ride with the Vento model, because this model is the perfect bike for her and his adventures/training.

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Titici Alloi AND, the AND is back!

After the success of ALL-IN AND, the anodizing process on TITICI aluminum returns by popular demand on the ALLOI model. To set up the complete bike, we decided to use a cassette and crankset handmade in Italy by INGRID. A perfect combination of Italian creativity and know-how!

The return of anodized

TITICI presents the AND version of ALLOI frame, which features an innovative anodizing treatment with silver ions in collaboration with GHA. Thanks to this patented technology, the frame becomes extraordinarily resistant to scratches and abrasion, guaranteeing almost total resistance to oxidation even in a marine environment. The ALLOI frame is the result of an exclusive collaboration with the Italian company DEDACCIAI, world leader in aluminium tubing. Characterized by hand-welding and integrated cable routing, this frame stands out for reliability and high stability. The new AND version enhances the strength properties that make ALLOI perfect for long adventures on dirt tracks and unpaved roads.

How it works

Thanks to a special treatment, the aluminium frame undergoes a profound surface transformation using the unique combination of anodic oxide and the noble metal Silver. As a result, a brand new material in created. The electrolytic process of anodizing causes an accelerated growth of the protective oxide layer on the aluminium. This treatment generates a new skin for the metal, characterized by very strong adhesion to the base. Silver ions seal the microporosity of the oxide, giving the surface of the frame unique properties.

The advantages

Compared to conventional painting, the AND frame has a lower weight, very high corrosion resistance and high surfaces hardness. This translates into extraordinary resistance to scratches, abrasion and wear. The coloring penetrates deeply and fixes itself in the oxide layer, guaranteeing almost infinite durability. Unlike traditional painting, no parts of the paint will detach as a result of shocks or vibrations thanks to the non-removable characteristics of the anodic oxide layer. Maintenance is easier as dirt cannot stick to the surface. Cleaning the frame after muddy or dusty ride in quick and easy.

New PAT.H. Anti-Vibration Technology

The ALLOI AND frame is realized with the top tube featuring the new PAT.H (Plate Absorber Technology Hydroformed) technology, derived from the patented PAT system available on TITICI carbon frames. The iconic shape with an oval section, which is thinner and flatter, increases the vibration damping capacity while maintaining high resistance and torsional rigidity. The top tube is given this shape through hydroforming, a technique also used in the production of sports cars that exploits the high pressure of liquids to create extremely reliable and resistant tubes. The benefits of PATH.H technology are superior stability and comfort combined with high performance. Vibrations generated by uneven terrain are absorbed by the frame structure and do not reach the rider’s arms, neck and back, the areas typically subjected to the most stress, thus leading to a greater feeling of well-being in the saddle over long distances.

ALLOI x INGRID LE – Handmade in Italy combination with INGRID components

INGRID is the fusion of different professionalisms of its creators; designers and engineers with 20 years of experience in product design and a great passion for 8 tubes. They design and produce bike drivetrains with the aim of offering a niche alternative, working on build quality, reliability and functionality. The use of materials leans towards machined aluminium, rediscovering the charm of the builders of the 80s/90s, but with current style and advanced research into structures and lightness. Features that match perfectly with the TITICI vision of the ALLOI AND project, created starting from custom Dedacciai tubes, hand-welded and anodized completely in Italy. To make this combination perfect, we chose the CRS-POP HARD ANODIZED crank with a good stiffness-weight ratio and reliable. This products is characterized by the “sponge structure” visible on the both sides, with special dots that create a pattern uses by one of the most important pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein. To complete the bike we add the INGRID 11-44 12v cassette.

HARD ANODIZATION (thick hard anodic oxidation) aims to give aluminium high resistance to wear and abrasion. This is a transformation of the surface of the crank arm into aluminium oxide and not just a surface coating. As a conversion, the layer that forms penetrates half inside and half grows outside the component, developing regularly over the entire surface of the piece, also giving it rough color and perfectly matches the anodization of the frame.

A perfect combination of Italian creativity and know-how!